Fight against all pathogenic microorganisms

For professional and domestic spaces


NOVA Pest Control based in Iraklion, Crete offers immediate and effective disinfection of germs - viruses and Covid19 SARS-Cov2, to combat Covid-19 in

any space. Realizing the importance of hygiene in the building where you live, we are committed to the high efficiency of our work.

Our goal is to fight all pathogenic microorganisms (Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses) including coronaviruses, using approved products from the EOF, experienced personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Initially, our workshop dissolves in the nebulizer tank the special disinfectant liquid that is licensed by the Ministry of Health and approved by the EOF.

Then the disinfectant liquid with the very small droplets coming out of the nebulizer, ensures the best possible dispersion of the solution throughout the space (surfaces and air), as it will penetrate even the most hidden and small cracks in the room that we want to disinfect, yielding the best possible disinfection.

In particular, the use of the latest technology electric nebulizer does not cause damage to surfaces and objects, while it takes about 30 minutes to reuse the safest and with zero microbial load space.

Trust us to disinfect germs – viruses and Covid19

and ensure secure homes and businesses


Tank disinfection

Water tanks must be kept clean in order to avoid contamination by pathogenic microorganisms that are likely to cause problems in our body. Wall salts and debris at the bottom create an ideal environment for the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that can pose a threat to public health.

An annual cleaning - disinfection of the tank will remove all these worries.

The process:

When disinfecting the tanks, the specialized workshop of NOVA Pest Control first removes the water from the tank and then mechanically and with the use of special cleaners removes all the foreign bodies inside.

At the end of the cleaning the tank is disinfected with a special drinking water disinfectant approved by the EOF.



Contact the specialized staff of NOVA Pest Control at 2810-321700 for an immediate visit to your place, in order to undertake the disinfection of germs and viruses and Covid19 at the best market prices and with guaranteed results.