Sense of cleanliness

NOVA Pest Control in Iraklion, Crete specializing in room disinfection, offers a huge variety of hygiene WC and aroma services devices for homes and businesses.

In collaboration with the most well-known and reputable companies in the field of hygiene products, we offer you elegant and easy to use solutions that will meet all your needs.

We have a huge variety of sanitary products (handkerchiefs, toilet paper, soap cases, antiseptics, etc.) at the best market prices. In addition, the smart devices that you can get from our store, guarantee that they will reduce the cost of using the consumables in your business.

Discover the wide range of aromatic and hygienic WC products available by NOVA Pest Control in Iraklion, Crete and create a pleasant environment for you, your employees and your customers.

The state-of-the-art atmospheric devices and the excellent quality essential oils that we have for flavoring will make your life easier. Even if you have small bathrooms, the choice of Wood sticks will give a pleasant note of freshness and hygiene.

Thanks to the pioneering and innovative toilet bowl disinfection devices of NOVA Pest Control, you will put an end to the unwanted odors and you will stop worrying about the daily cleaning and disinfection of your business basins.


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