Get rid of unwanted odors from your space


Thanks to the new generation of products that we import from reputable and reliable companies in the field of deodorization, we provide definitive solutions to the elimination of unwanted odors in homes, shops, hotels, as well as in industries, biological treatment plants and municipalities.

Integrated Environmental Solution

NOVA Pest Control in Iraklion, Crete performs deodorization exclusively with products of natural origin of the latest technology, such as natural rocks and essential oils that in combination with our well-trained workshop neutralize unpleasant odors from your home or business.

For the best possible efficiency of the work, the identification of the pollutant in terms of its type and intensity plays an important role. Then, depending on the characteristics of the odors and depending on the size of the space, special products are used in liquid or solid form.

Pollutants with a strong odor may require a combination of different products.

Finally, the products are available in the form of solid, liquid, powder and bacteria (for use in water).

Call the specialized staff of NOVA Pest Control at 2810-321700 for an immediate visit to your place in order to create a personalized deodorization plan to eliminate unwanted odors from your space.