Complete plan for dealing with insects

Nova Pest Control, thanks to its many years of experience, it carries out disinfestations at the most competitive market prices under the supervision of a specialist scientist who guarantees the provision of high quality services.

The preparations and products with which all disinfestations are carried out are completely harmless, both for humans and for pets, as defined by law 721/1977 and approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

In addition, the company NOVA Pest control based in Iraklion, Crete and specializing in disinfection, is licensed by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and has the necessary certifications ISO 9001,14001,22000 KAI 45001.

All the work carried out for the disinfestation aims at the immediate and effective treatment of the problem, but at the same time at the application of techniques to prevent the development of resistant strains of insects in the area that may in the future re-create outbreaks.

After the completion of the work, we issue a certificate for the observance of the health file of your company.

Contact the well-trained staff of NOVA Pest Control at 2810-321700, in order to visit your space and create together a complete plan for the treatment of insects according to the needs and special characteristics of each space.

Flying Insects


Although mosquitoes as insects feed on nectar and pollen in the wild, females need blood to fertilize eggs, which is found in humans and warm-blooded animals. Mosquitoes reproduce during the summer and winter, while they multiply very quickly in places with stagnant – polluted water and in places with high humidity. They are more active mainly at night and are attracted by humidity, body temperature, movement, perfumes, hair sprays, but also by the carbon dioxide produced by our breath. Usually after a mosquito bite it causes redness of the skin, local swelling and itching.


To control mosquitoes, residual surface sprays are performed with specialized insecticides, aimed at treating, preventing and reducing the populations of perfect insects, with targeted intervention in their larval stage. In larvae control, residual sprays are made or the use of larvae preparations in the form of pills (DT), in stagnant water, non-drinking water tanks, but also in general at any point can be considered a breeding ground for insects. At NOVA Pest Control, our specialized partner during his visit to the site combines both of these methods, making use of insecticides completely safe for humans and environmentally friendly. All our preparations are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food and our goal is to provide you with a healthy environment free of mosquitoes and other flying visitors


Flies are particularly annoying insects that like to stay and develop populations inside homes and warehouses.

They reproduce with great ease thanks to their ability to lay eggs inside any biological material that decomposes, but also because of the speed with which they develop from larvae into adults, which in turn can reproduce within 10 days.

The lifespan of flies in ideal nutritional and environmental conditions
are 8-10 days, during which they are able to lay up to 1000 eggs each (150-200 at a time every 3-4 days).

The most common species that we encounter in our homes and leave feces that are a source of dangerous and harmful pathogenic microorganisms for our health are the following:

  • Domestic fly (Musca domestica Linnaeus)
  • Horseflies (family Tabanidae)
  • Fruit flies (Drosophila spp.)
  • Goldflies (family Calliphoridae.)
  • Meat flies (family Sarcophagidae)
  • Wells (Psychodidae)


For the treatment and control of flies, residual external surface sprays are performed, as well as bait sprays or coatings with specialized trophyctic insecticides.

We also have the ability to supply our customers with electrical devices for catching flying insects using UV radiation and trapping glue, as well as insect repellents approved by the Ministry.

At Nova Pest control
our specialized partner can give you a solution to the problem, using products that are completely safe for humans, pets and the environment, as approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.


Cockroaches are probably the most annoying insect especially when found in areas close to food, as they are carriers of many diseases. Therefore, in case traces of them are identified, immediate measures should be taken in order to exterminate them first to grow uncontrollably.

Specifically, cockroaches are a source of multiple problems such as:

  • Food spoilage
  • Dissemination of pathogenic organisms
  • Induction of allergic reactions

They are divided into 2 categories depending on how they are fought:

The common large cockroaches (Blattella america and orientalis) in which residual sprays are made in sewer wells, rain gutters and siphons, as well as perimeter spraying inside and outside the home or business.

The German cockroach (Blattella germanica), much smaller in size and lighter in color, which due to the morphology of the insect, two applications are made in 5-7 days between them, depending on the population that has developed.

In the first application, the intensity, the infestation are determined and the outbreaks that have been created are identified. Then the whole area is sprayed with focus on the points deemed necessary by the previous inspection.

The goal of the first phase is on the one hand the fight against the perfect insects that are active and on the other hand their exit from the hiding places that have been hidden.

In the second application, a specialized traction gel of long residual duration is used in critical points and in places where spraying with insecticidal preparation is not possible (e.g. inside food storage places, cutlery, etc.).

The purpose of the second phase is to feed the remaining insects and exploit their tendency for cannibalism (the healthy insect feeds on the gel-infected dead insect) and to fight the spawning and eggs of insects located in dark areas (e.g. walls, interior of frames, slits from surfaces covered with marble or tiles, inside electrical appliances, etc.).

Whatever type of cockroach you have a problem with, at NOVA Pest Control we have the necessary experience and know-how to give you a permanent and guaranteed solution, using formulations that are odorless, do not get dirty, are friendly to humans and animals. , while they are also approved by the Ministry

Rural Development and food.


In general, although ants are considered harmless insects, it is better to stay in their natural environment and not inside our house.

Useful information that will help you understand their habits and prevent the development of their populations in your area is the following:

  • They are attracted to water, sweets and food fats
  • They can enter the house even from the smallest cracks
  • They build nests almost anywhere (e.g. walls, logs, under foundations)
  • They create colonies that reach from 300,000 to 500,000
  • When they feel threatened they can transfer their colonies very quickly
  • They release pheromones which attract other insects in the same direction
  • Their lifespan can reach up to 15 years when it comes to queens and up to 7 for workers


Fighting ants due to their habit of using electrical installations as a path, making nests in dark places inside homes, and due to the high and rapid growth rate they have as a society, make them quite difficult to deal with.

To combat ants, perimeter spraying is done indoors and outdoors and the use of food products is done either in the form of gels or with a coating or with bait sprays.

At NOVA Pest Control we have the necessary experience and know-how to give you a permanent and guaranteed solution, using formulations that are odorless, do not stain, are friendly to humans and animals, and are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.


Flea bites are extremely annoying and dangerous, as they cause intense itching and as insects are intermediate hosts for many parasites. Thus, they can contribute to the spread of epidemics. For flea protection, it would be good to do preventive cleaning of manure, dry branches or weeds in the area, as they lay their eggs in these dark and dusty places.


To control fleas, two sprays are made in 5-7 days between them, depending on the populations that have developed and the intensity of the problem. Due to the morphology of the insect (several larval stages) the disinfestation is necessarily done with a combination of two drugs, an insecticide and a larvae killer.

Outdoors are sprayed universally on surfaces and floors, while indoors are sprayed perimeter on the floor and up to one meter on the walls. If deemed necessary, spray on fabric surfaces (eg mattresses, sofas, carpets, etc.).

Particular attention should be paid to the deworming of pets that may be present in the area or to the fight against rodents, as they are hosts of insects and contribute to the development and spread of infection.

At NOVA Pest Control we have the necessary experience and know-how to give you a permanent and guaranteed solution, using formulations that are odorless, do not stain, are friendly to humans and animals, and are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.


Bedbugs are small parasites that create problems in many homes, as they hide with great success in mattresses, bed frames, covers, furniture, carpets, etc. You can relatively easily check for bed bugs, as their feces leave black and brown stains on sheets and blankets.

They are very easily transported with luggage, to houses, hotels, rental accommodation, barracks and unfortunately the infestation appears long after the infection.


To combat them, you first need to check at critical points where they tend to hide and lay their eggs (mattress seams, bed joints, boards, wall or masonry slits, sockets, etc.). Then you need two sprays with special insecticides in 5-7 days between them depending on the populations that have developed and the intensity of the problem.

During the disinfestation, perimeter spraying is done in all areas, spraying on fabric surfaces (mattresses, sofas, bed frames) and very good spraying in important areas that the inspection has shown. In sensitive areas such as mattresses or beds, a 100% ecological control can be used using a special hot air machine.

Our company is the only one in Crete and the Cyclades that has thermal disinfestation machines and can in just a few hours solve the problem ecologically and for sure.

The bed bug is a parasite that knows how to hide very well and we at NOVA Pest Control have specialized workshops that with a free inspection will analyze the ways and methods to get rid of this annoying and harmful parasite.


Wood-eating insects are everywhere and often live in competition with humans. They eat furniture, destroy roofs, wooden structures and wooden floors. In other words, they often cause irreparable damage to many parts of the home.

Termites are quite similar to winged ants and can be distinguished into aboveground and underground. Both categories cause serious damage to the wooden areas of the house, as the damage starts from the inside of the wood and extends to the outside.

An early diagnosis of the problem will save you from major disasters and more expensive repairs of structures.

At NOVA Pest Control we have the experience and know-how to diagnose in time the place and size of the infestation, while at the same time with special preparations approved by the Ministry of Agriculture we offer a guaranteed result in their fight, in order to protect you from new infestations.

Woodworms are insects of different families, where due to them at a European level, damage is recorded mainly from 12 species, while in our country the main infestations are created by 3 of them. Characteristic of infestation by these insects are the holes that appear in the infested wood and in more advanced infestations the dust that we find as a result of their damage.

In any case, for the safe diagnosis and successful control of the worm infestation requires experience and knowledge in the morphology and habits of the insect.


For the control of wood-eating insects, it is applied with special preparations after the creation of transverse incisions in the affected parts and pouring of the active substance inside using a syringe, application and spraying. For the moth in particular, the safest and 100% effective method is the fumigation with lighting (it can be done in the space).

After the disinfestation – remediation of the affected wooden surfaces, it would be good to make preventive residual sprays with a special insecticide preparation once or twice a year, in order to maintain the original one and to reduce the possibility of re-infestation.


Contact with the specialized staff of NOVA Pest Control at 2810-321700 for an immediate visit to your place, in order to create the disinfestation study at the best market prices and with guaranteed results.