Revolutionary and innovative solution

Revolutionary and innovative solution in the disinfestation of your professional spaces.

NOVA Pest Control based in Iraklion, Crete and specializing in disinfection and disinfestation is the only company in the whole island, which converts electricity into thermal, using the innovative and radical device of thermal disinfestation in your area.

Thermal disinfestation works with electricity and raises the room temperature to levels that kill not only the perfect insects, but also their eggs.

Θερμική Απεντόμωση

The above method is characterized as a safe and 100% green solution. Thanks to the disinfestation with heating all the stages of the insects die

when exposed to above 50˚ C for 2 hours for the following reasons:

  • Their cell membranes melt.
  • Their proteins are denatured.
  • Some enzymes are destroyed.
  • The salt balance in their body changes.

If you own a hotel, just think about how long a room that has been infested with insects such as fleas and bed bugs will need to be kept closed and unavailable. We offer you the ideal solution, as we are committed to guaranteed results without the slightest use of drugs and with zero residue.

Traditional methods require regular spraying with insecticides that often exceed 2, due to the physiology of the insects in each case. On the contrary, with the innovative application of thermal disinfestation, only a few hours are enough to eradicate all stages of insects and to safely reopen the area immediately, without any delay and without any residues of insecticides.

Contact the specialized staff of NOVA Pest Control at 2810-321700 for an immediate visit to your site, in order to create the insect control study with thermal disinfestation at the best market prices and with guaranteed results.